Work remotely and enjoy
family life on the most beautiful
island of the Adriatic!

10 reasons to consider.

1. Epic adventure

Moving to this Adriatic island is a lifetime adventure  for the whole family. Let’s change perspective, discover new surroundings and build up strength and energy from active leisure in nature. We will bring some life back to our relationships, strengthen ties and gather unique memories. The time spent on Korĉula will help you rediscover your priorities.

2. The beauty and proximity
of nature

Korĉula is the pearl of the Adriatic. It is a green oasis of nature and Mediterranean wildlife. The mild, seaside climate, spectacular landscapes and plenty of unprocessed local products create great living conditions all year round.

3. Space and freedom

On Korĉula the population density is several dozen times lower than in cities. On the island we are hosted by nature, where the dominant colors are pine green, azure sea and blue skies reaching to an endless horizon. Feel the space, freedom, and take a deep breath.

4. Sun, health and fitness

On Korĉula the sun shines for only… 330 days a year :), and the air and water are crystal clear. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate outdoor sports can be practiced all year round. Abundance of natural vitamin D, sports and minerals from the air and the sea keep your family in good shape and health.

7. Sports and well-being

The island is perfect for outdoor sports activities: road, mountain and recreational cycling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, hiking, running, fishing, climbing and many more and they are available all year round. In addition, in the resort there is also a tennis court with a professional surface, a mini gym, and a playground (more…)

8. Plentitude of culture and history

The island uncovers its rich, nearly two and a half thousand year old history in local landscapes, monuments and cuisine . The Korĉula town invites us to take charming walks around the old town, to visit museums and the cultural center. Local suppliers provide residents with organic vegetables, fruits, wine, oil, fish and seafood.

9.Efficient remote work

Each of the apartments is equipped with a desk, office chair, wide-angle monitor and fiber-optic internet access. Fancy a company? Try our coworking space with an access to additional office infrastructure (more…)

10. Comfort and safety

Beautiful views...

Peace and quiet...

Full equipment...

High standard...

Comfortable rest...

Large terraces...

Korculife package

We fell in love with living on Korĉula Island and we would like to invite you to join this adventure, as it is much more fun when we can share it. The months spent together will give us a unique opportunity for integration, networking and enjoying being together. Our cooperation will also enable us to provide our children with attentive care, safety and comprehensive development, carried out bilingually by experienced carers. This is why we have organized a package of services that will enable us to work together remotely and live on the island in the most beautiful months of the year.

Contact us!

If you have any questions or wish to know the details including package prices, please write to us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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